With our construction experience we our competitive with plan estimating and our contracting services. We offer complete management into each project from start to finish and detail a project schedule to meet project completion dates. With our complete management process with progress reports and production data with the best of today's tools and knowledge available.

Impact Construction, Inc.

Construction And Project Management

Quality And Satisfaction

Impact Construction Incorporated is a General Contractor in Southern California with 25 years of experience in the construction industry we specialize in commercial, industrial construction and concrete construction. We are a leader in commercial, industrial construction and concrete construction with our construction services and welcome clients to build business relations with future construction projects.    

We work as a team together with our clients and associates involved in on projects and believe the networks with everyone involved really brings quality production to come together at its finest in scheduled timely manner as plan. Our commitment into our projects is where we strive for excellence in construction quality with our network of professionals to serve and deliver our clients complete project satisfaction and meet all expectations.